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Karnataka Polymer Products
Products : PTFE Moulded Components
We offer wide range of PTFE Moulded Components which helps in providing complete protection against the aggressive chemicals and atmospheric acids & offers maximum durability. The PTFE has the property for maintaining the honesty without decomposing to complex forms unlike plastics. Our components are effortlessly machined on all the standard equipments and are used in corrosion resistant and wear resistant applications. The PTFE parts are fabricated with close tolerance with necessary specifications.
PTFE Moulded Components & PTFE Machined Components
Chevron Packing (V Packing)
PTFE Block & PTFE Moulded Components
PTFE Bushes & Rods & Sheets
Ball Valve Seats
PTFE Moulded Components
Bronze Filled and Peek PTFE Bushes
Carbon and Grafite Filled Bushes
Turquoise Sheets
Slide Rings
PTFE Billets
Glass Filled Bushes