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Products : PTFE Block Moulded Components
PTFE / TEFLON is used extensively in Electrical, Electronics Mechanical, Chemical industry, Hydraulic & pneumatic application due to Its unique characteristics.

High Dielectric strength, low dielectric constant, low dissipation factor High arc resistance, High volume resistivity, excellent insulating properties Electrical properties remain constant over a wide range of temperatures And pressures. Good flexibility & elasticity even at low temperature Self lubricating, anti-stick, low thermal expansion. Low co efficient of friction, nonflammable and incombustible, insoluble and impermeable To almost all solvents up to 300 degree. Excellent resistance to chemicals Organic solvents, acids and alkalis. Non-toxic, biologically inert. Difficult To wet. Very low water absorption. Good resistance to uv radition.
PTFE Moulded Components & PTFE Machined Components
Chevron Packing (V Packing)
PTFE Block & PTFE Moulded Components
PTFE Bushes & Rods & Sheets
Ball Valve Seats
PTFE Moulded Components
Bronze Filled and Peek PTFE Bushes
Carbon and Grafite Filled Bushes
Turquoise Sheets
Slide Rings
PTFE Billets
Glass Filled Bushes